Safety First  

Safety Brief before games begin is mandatory!!!!!

1. Keep your Goggles on at all times when past the Mask On sign!!! If you see anyone with their mask off yell CEASE FIRE. If at any time you hear someone yell cease fire you yell it until all firing is stopped. Hold your position until given direction by the referee. Only 1 warning will be given for a violation of the mask policy. On the second infraction you will not be allowed back on the field that day.

2. Barrel Sock AND BARREL SOCKS ONLY (NO BARREL PLUGS) will be used at all times when on the property other than the designated playing field and chrono area. Once you connect an air tank to your maker they must be in place. These are safety devices that’s use will be strictly enforced!!!!!!!

3. Keep all markers chronographed below 290 FPS velocity.

4. ALL Physical contact between players is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED!!!!!!!

5. No disrespecting field personnel or referees at any time. All decisions are final!!!!!!!

7. All paintball grenades are inspected before being allowed on the field. See personnel for inspection.

8. If you get fogged up and cannot see, call out, "FOGGED UP" This will alert the players around you or a referee that you cannot see. Do not shoot them, help this player off the field or call for a referee to help this player off the field.

9. 20 ft surrender rule. If you are close to someone, especially on their backside, offer them to surrender. If they hesitate and turn or refuse, give them one or two shots.

10. If at any time you are contacted by the barrel of another player you are out.

11. Blind firing is is not allowed.

12. Dead men do not talk. When shot out raise your marker and yell out!!!! Raise your marker up, do not say anything to anyone and walk to the side or to the entrance to the field. If you are found to be communicating with another player after being shot out the person you talked to along with another player from your team will be pulled as shot out.

13.Once shot out you are not allowed to leave paint on the field or give it to another player.

All field rules are subject to change at the discretion of the field operator.